Umm Salal Muhammad

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Umm Salal Muhammad, or sometimes Umm Salal Muhammed, is the capital city of the municipality of Umm Salal in Qatar.

Umm Salal Muhammad is a small settlement in the center of the country and is different from most of the other urban developments in Qatar for that reason. The famous Lusail City and the Barzan Tower are some of the few known historic places in Qatar that are located in Umm Salal Muhammad.

To get to Um Salal Mohammed, take the North Road (which begins in Doha as D-Ring Road) out of the city for about 10-15 minutes until you see a sign indicating Um Salal Mohammed is on the right. You will have to make a U-turn, and then take the first right. Once you reach the town, take a right at the main intersection to reach the fort, which you are likely to have already spotted by this time. The tower is west of the fort and you should be able to see it by climbing to the top of the mosque or either of the two towers within the fort.

Places to visit

Umm Salal Mohammed Fort:
Umm Salal Mohammed fort is a19th-century fortress. It is a four-storied structure with thick walls of sand-color. There is an impressive facade raised with traditional Arabian crenelations. Entering there lately will enable the viewers to watch the decorative architectural structures minutely. This is one of the main attractions of Qatar. This is a residential fort where both military and civil functions take place. There is a small mosque in front of the Umm Salal Mohammed fort.

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