Al Rayyan

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Al-Rayyan is the largest municipality in the state of Qatar. Al Rayyan means 'the source of irrigation' and as per Islam it also means 'a door in heaven' or 'one of the Gates of Paradise' .

Al Rayyan Municipality has been created as an independent municipal administration, under the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning by virtue of law No.19/1972 issued in 1979 AD, stating, in its first article, the creation of municipalities in Qatar under the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. In its second article, the law stated that each of these municipalities shall have a council headed by one person and comprising at least four members nominated by decree.

Among the most important regions and districts of Al Rayyan Municipality: Al-Wajba, al-Shakab, al-Rayyan, Maeedher, al-Ghorafa, Ein Khaled, Marrikh, al-Shahaniya, al-Khurayb, al-Nasraniya, al-Outouriya, al-Jamilya, aldoha

Since 2004, Al Jumaliyah municipality was merged with Al Rayyan municipality; municipality Jarayan al Batnah was split between municipality Al Rayyan and municipality Al Wakrah.

How to reach

Transportation in Ar Rayyan is significantly simple as the visitors to the place can easily hire the cheap orange and white taxis or can even take a costly ride in the limousine around the city of Ar Rayyan. Al Waqab, Al Gharrafah, Muraykh, As Sidrah are some of the near by cities and towns. The airports lying close to Ar Rayyan are Doha INTL, Al Udeid Ab, Shiakhisa and Bahrain INTL.

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