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Al-Khor (alternatively spelled Al Khawr) is a city in Qatar. The city is far older than Doha, but much smaller (the population is roughly 31,000). It used to be the center of the now non-existent pearl trading industry, so now the city is undergoing renovation.

Al Khor was ruled by the Al Mohanadi tribe before the independence of Qatar in 1971 and continues to be today. It is believed that the Al Mohanadi tribe who live in Al Khor was formed in the 18th century. The tribe consists of 7 Bedouin families. Nowadays, the majority of Al-Khor's citizens are from that tribe.

How to Reach:
Al Khor is a coastal city in northern Qatar, located 50 kilometers north of the capital, Doha. The name of the city means creek in Arabic as the town is located on a creek. Al Khor is home to many employees of the oil industry due to its proximity to Qatar's northern oil and natural gas fields, and due to its proximity to the Ras Laffan Industrial City.

Places to visit

Al Khor museum:
The Museum building overlooks the seafront of Al Khor city. It presents the way of life of the inhabitants in the past in addition tyo archaeological discoveries from the Al Khor area and its surroundings belonging to the Neolithic age and the Mid-Bronze age. The building has two floors with each floor composed of a large hall twelve metres long and six metres wide. The myth of Ghilan and Mae (which is believed to be from Al Khor, and features the region’s first female pirate) is displayed in the hall, together with displays of marine life and artifacts.

Al Sultan Beach Resort:
Al Sultan Beach Resort, a beautiful and exciting resort of 216 rooms and suites, featuring a unique modern and open design providing guests with uninterrupted views of the Arabian Gulf.

It is located directly on the beach of Al Khor, in close proximity to Al Khor Marine.

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